Prerequisites: Auditions are open to pre-professional* ballet students ages 6 through 19 years of age. Age refers to age as of the audition date. Ballet students from all schools are welcome, however must have written permission from the director of their school to audition.


•Primary- Level 3 students must be enrolled in, and attend a minimum of one ballet technique class per week.

•Level 4 and up students must be enrolled in, and attend a minimum of two ballet technique classes per week.

•Pointe students must be enrolled in, and attend a minimum of three ballet technique classes per week.

•Affiliate Ballet Etudes Company Members must be enrolled in, and attend a minimum of two ballet techniqueclasses per week (no pointe required) and be fulfilling their company contract.

•Ballet Etudes Company and Apprentice Members must be enrolled in, and attend a minimum of four ballettechnique classes and one pointe class per week and be fulfilling their company contract.

Students will audition with their appropriate level and be cast at the discretion of the audition adjudicator** and the Artistic Directors.

Former Ballet Etudes Company members of any age, may be invited to perform on an as needed basis. Guest performers may be invited or hired at the discretion of the Artistic Directors, with compensation approved by the Ballet Etudes Board of Directors.

Non-dancing roles may be appointed by the Artistic Director on an as needed basis, and filled with persons who may or may not have formal dance training.

Casting Decisions: The Artistic Director reserves the right to make final casting decisions.  Auditioning in no way guarantees that a dancer will be cast.

Ballet Etudes Company Members Priority Casting: If two dancers of equal ability are being considered for a role, one a company member and one not, the Ballet Etudes company member will receive priority casting.

*Pre-professional status:

• May not “dance” with a professional company for payment. Note: Students who are paid for walk-on or

background roles with touring dance companies may retain their pre-professional status.

• May not hold a job where dance performances are done in exchange for payment.

• Students paid for being photographed while dancing and/or wearing dance attire may retain their preprofessional


• Students sponsored by businesses or individuals may retain their pre-professional status.

• Students winning scholarship monies to offset the costs of their dance training may retain their preprofessional


The Artistic Director will decide if an audition adjudicator is necessary. Some Ballet Etudes productions will not require an audition adjudicator.

Understudies will be cast after all roles are accepted. Each understudy is required to attend all rehearsals for their understudy role. While in rehearsal, understudies are to pay attention to all instructions given by the Artistic Directors or rehearsal assistant and learn the role thoroughly. It is not acceptable to read, play on your cell phone or do homework during your understudy rehearsal. Understudies should be prepared to fill in at rehearsals or performances at a moments notice. Being cast as an understudy does not mean that you will be cast in that role the following year. Understudy’s names will not appear in the program. Understudying a role is a great opportunity to further your dance training and a way to show the Ballet Etudes staff that you are a hard worker and a team player. Please take your understudy role seriously and do not accept it if you do not plan to give it your best.

New Audition Guidelines:
To audition, dancers must be a minimum of SIX years old at the time of audition if they have prior performing experience with Ballet Etudes.  Dancers who are new to Ballet Etudes must be dancing at the Level 1A or equivalent level and must be at least SEVEN years old.

Click here for a printable copy of BE’s Audition Guidelines.