Ballet Etudes Board of Directors

President – Stephanie Aksdal

Vice President – Laurie Conners

Treasurer – Dani Summers

Secretary – Stacy Brookhyser

Director- Community Outreach – Lori Davey

Director – Fundraising – Isa Woolums

Director – Promotions – Christine Wendl

Director – Grants– Lisa Isbell

Director At Large– Larry Hersh

Director At Large – Megan Conlay

Director At Large – Mayumi Okura

Artistic Director – Sasha Robertson, JD, ACUSA

Artistic Director – Bridgette Burnett

Artistic Director – Madison Simons

Managing Director – Kimberly McEachern, LCUSA

Artistic Advisor – Marnell Himes-Ushijima, FISTD

Administrative Assistant to the Artistic Director – Meg Conlay

Directors Emeritus – Elaine Keely, Judith Hawkesworth, Lucretia Schley, Sylvia Garrett, Julie Ertl